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In addition to our own writers, the Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition will be posting a weekly roundup of helpful, challenging, and thought-provoking articles from around the web.  Each of them will, of course, pertain to ministry.  We hope you have enjoyed this week’s articles from Brad Brandt and Rob McKinney, and offer the following articles for your weekend reading.

It’s Always Someone’s First Sunday at Your Church – Josh Reich at the Resurgence offers this helpful post on welcoming visitors into your church.

Thoughts for Guest Preachers, and the Churches That Invite Them – Dane Ortlund provides some helpful thoughts on both inviting guest preachers, and receiving an invitation as a guest preacher.

5 Ways to Get Better at Preaching and Teaching – Mark Driscoll, lead pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, offers five ways to improve how we teach and preach God’s Word.

The Forgotten Essentials for Doing Theology: Humility –  Our very own David Dunham has started a new series entitled The Forgotten Essentials for Doing Theology.  His first post is a call for pastors and theologians to approach theology with humility.

More Gospel-Centered Than Thou – In this post, Mark Lauterbach poses some challenging questions for churches and their leaders to consider when claiming to be a “gospel-centered” church.

On Sermon Introductions – H.B. Charles Jr. writes on the purpose and importance of sermon introductions, and how to go about writing them.  Also, don’t forget to check out the related posts at the bottom of the page on writing sermon manuscripts, choosing sermon titles, and preaching without notes.

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