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As promised, here are a few articles from the week in blogging. Enjoy!

The Complete Series: 10 Misconceptions About the NT Canon – Michael Kruger, professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, posted his entire series of blog post on 10 common misconceptions about canon.

What Luke Actually Wrote – The good people at Stand to Reason posted this article as a response to Bart Ehrman’s challenge to the historical accuracy of the first tax of Quirinius in Luke 2.

The Forgotten Essentials of Doing Theology: Life Application – David Dunham continues his series on the doing theology by discussing the importance of applying theology to life.

Calvin’s Pastoral Theology – Scott Manetsch, professor of church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, gave this lecture at the 2012 RCA Integrity leadership conference in Chicago, in which he explains Calvin’s theology for pastoral ministry.

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