SOPC Giveaway #1

Systematic-Theology-9780310286707We are so excited about the launch of The Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition, and to express our gratitude for all the support and participation we’ve already received we are giving away three resources. Today is your first chance to win, and the item available this week is Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem.

Grudem is easily the most accessible systematician to date. His work is certainly comprehensive, though he has referred to it as an introduction. He touches on all the major doctrines and interacts with most of the major critiques of his position. He speaks from a Baptistic, Reformed, and Charismatic perspective, but anyone can find value from this volume. In fact endorsements for Grudem’s Systematic span a wide array of traditions. Those who praise the book include: Jack Hayford, Paige Patterson, John Piper, J.I. Packer, Allan Coppedge, Robert Saucy, and Jack Deere. Each chapter ends with a hymn, and a memory verse, making it great use for families or Sunday School classes. The Reformed or Calvinistic bent is obvious in the volume, but it is unique in its form. A Calvinist who is open to the continuance of the Spiritual Gifts is certainly unique. This will make a great contribution to anyone’s theological library.

To enter to win this great volume you only need to answer the following question in the comments below: what doctrine do you believe the church most needs to focus on these days?

Registration will close on Friday at midnight, and a name will be drawn on Saturday from eligable entries. A winner will be announced hte following Monday. Be sure to check our Giveaway Guidelines for more details.

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