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This week’s list of notable blog posts includes a variety of resources, including some very helpful insights for pastors, great Kindle deals on Amazon, a video, free lectures on the book of Romans, misused Bible verses, and even an article on Charlie Brown. Enjoy!

Romans Audio/Video Lecture Series by Douglas Moo – The website recently made all of Douglas Moo’s lectures on the book of Romans available for free! The series of lectures contains over 50 lectures and includes both audio and video. – Dr. Rainer is the president and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources and also offers a very helpful blog for pastors. If you’ve never checked out his blog, take some time to browse through some of his recent posts, including this week’s posts entitled Showing Up, Top Seven Regrets of Pastors, Eight Negative Reasons Pastors Leave Churches, and Five Observations on Pastors’ Salaries.

The Most Misused Verse in the Bible – Chris Blumhofer at RELEVANT Magazine offers this article on the misuse of Jeremiah 29:11.

Hey Church Planter, Is That What You Really Want? – Erik Raymond at posted this helpful and encouraging article for church planters.

Are the Metro-Evangelicals Right? – Keith Miller’s post at raises some interesting questions about the prevalence of an urban-centered model of missions.

The Essential Edwards Collection – Amazon currently has these four works from Jonathan Edwards on sale for $0.99: Lover of God, The Good Life, Heaven and Hell, and True Christianity.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Here is a very interesting history of the making of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Why the Gospel is Good News for Pastors – Here’s a short video of encouragement for pastors from Jeff Vanderstelt.

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