Up Close and Personal with Jason Boothe

With the 2013 Southern Ohio Pastors Conference just around the corner, we wanted to spend some time letting you get to know the men who will be speaking at this year’s conference by asking them to answer a few questions for us. Here’s the fourth of a series of posts we will be running over the next two weeks leading up to the conference on September 21. 

pastor_boothe_2013Jason Boothe – Horizons Baptist Church – Piketon, Ohio

What is your ministry background and education?

I began my ministry career in the late 1990’s as a worship pastor and Christian school administrator. I served several Southern Ohio and one Northern Kentucky congregations in this capacity until accepting the call to serve as Teaching Pastor at Horizons Baptist Church in 2001. By God’s grace, I have served HBC ever since. 

Education and ministerial preparation are extremely important.  I studied music and history at Shawnee State University (B.A.), secondary education at Grand Canyon University (M.Ed.), and theology at Andersonville Seminary (Th.D.). I am currently completing an additional graduate degree in Pastoral Ministry from Grand Canyon University (M.A.). I am a firm believer in life-long learning!

And, given the wide array of educational resources afforded us via the Internet, as well as the many local initiatives sponsored by the SOPC, pastors in our community have unprecedented access to affordable theological and ministerial training.

What are some ways that your background in ministry has helped prepare you for your current ministry context?

I am thankful to God that I have had the opportunity to study His word in formal contexts. I am blessed that I have preached through vast portions of the Bible in a verse-by-verse, expositional manner. No doubt, my theological education has made such preaching more attainable to me as well as to my congregation. But, much more than “mastering the Book” I hope to be “mastered by the Book!” In my own strength, I am a guilt-ridden sinner fit for the flames of hell. Yet, in great-abounding sovereign grace and mercy, Christ saved me! This is the awareness that a solidly Christ-centered theological education has, by God’s grace, helped to drive deep into my heart and life, compelling me to foster an attitude of humility in ministry.

I have no confidence in my human abilities. But I am totally confident that the greatest sinner can find forgiveness full and free at the foot of Christ’s glorious cross! 

What is God doing in your church and/or community right now that is really exciting?

My church currently sponsors a weekly radio broadcast on WXIC AM 660 in Waverly, Ohio. “Sovereign Grace Today” presents the preaching ministry of HBC each Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 PM. We receive regular reports from individuals who find the broadcast helpful and uplifting to their walk of faith.  

In October of this year, HBC will host our first-ever Bible Conference on Saturday, October 19th. “Reign of Grace” is a one-day conference organized around the theme “The Sovereignty of God.” We are looking forward to hosting many area pastors and other friends who are interested in learning more about the Doctrines of God’s Free and Sovereign Grace. 

What do you hope to see accomplished by the SOPC?

Alongside the annual pastor’s conference, I would like to see continued support from area pastors for more SOPC-sponsored pastor’s workshops. The last one I attended, lead by Grace Community Church of Waverly Pastor Brian Evans, was just a great time of learning and fellowship! By God’s grace, those workshops could grow into something more robust like a pastor’s training institute. It is my prayer that enough pastors realize the need for such training and commit themselves to the prayerful support of the efforts of SOPC.

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