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As a part of our ministry, the SOPC operates a blog featuring local pastors, teachers, and church leaders. It is our conviction that God works through the local church, therefore it is our intent to share the gifts that God has given to the leaders of the local churches in our region by featuring their writing on our blog. This may include lead pastors, assistant or executive pastors, teaching elders or Sunday School teachers, youth pastors and leaders, counselors, worship leaders, seminary students, and others.

Our purpose at the SOPC is to offer encouragement and help to professional and lay leaders in the local church. While our audience, no doubt, goes beyond pastors and church leaders, they are our primary target. Therefore, the SOPC accepts a variety of articles. We love to publish articles about theology, ministry practices, counseling, preaching, reflections on books, and interviews. We are not interested in pieces attacking other pastors/theologians, essays on apocalyptic visions, personal testimonies, or works submitted to other websites. The best pieces will be grounded in Scripture and yet examine subjects from a fresh perspective.

While we may sometimes accept pieces with a broader audience, our central desire is that your writing keep in mind who we are trying to assist. Write with pastors and church leaders in mind. 

Whether you would like to submit a blog post or two, become a regular contributor, or simply interested in more information, please let us know by contacting us at

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