Mt. Hope Bible Camp

I’m sure that if you asked your congregation there would be at least a few that could speak to the importance of Christian camping because they have experienced it firsthand.   I know for me, camp has always been that retreat away from the distractions that so often keep me from hearing God’s voice and that place where I get to experience genuine community at its best.


Located in the small town of Otway, Ohio, Mt. Hope Bible Camp has been bringing young people to its grounds to hear about Jesus since 1973. The camp began under the leadership of Dale and Belva Beery, who then served with the American Sunday School Union, on land donated by Souter Hoople, a local apple farmer and pastor.  While the campgrounds and programs have expanded since its beginning, Mt. Hope stands firm that “The Bible is still our middle name.”

The camp holds five weeks of summer camp for kids ages 8-18 with activities such as swimming, basketball, hiking, water slide, hayrides and much, much more!  Between the months of October and May, the camp continues to reach out to the youth in the area through its weekend camps program, where kids can come, one weekend a month, to connect with their camp friends and to hear the truth of God’s Word. 

The camp also offers special events for adults, such as the Ladies’ Spring Luncheon, the Men’s Harvest Dinner, and the Mt.Hope Bible Camp Trail Walk/Run. These events encourage joint fellowship among area churches, and in fact, representatives of more than ninety different congregations were present as campers or staff members during summer camp in 2013.

Beginning this January, Mt. Hope Bible Camp will offer its first ever teaching series.  The camp will host three biblical courses with each course focusing on bible study methods, biblical parenting and serving in ministry, respectively. 

Throughout Mt. Hope’s 40 year history, the camp has seen over 2500 young people come to know Christ as their personal Savior and over 12,000 kids have participated in their camps.  The camp makes it a point to help connect these kids to a local church after camp so that they can continue to grow in their walk with Christ.

A distinct mission of Mt. Hope Bible Camp is that the camp desires to make camp affordable for ALL kids to hear the message of the gospel.  With that said, the price of a week of camp is only $60.  This is only possible because of the individuals and churches who have decided to partner alongside the camp by giving financially. 

1559481_527386846291_784113421_oMy wife, Sara and I (Brett) serve as the directors of Mt. Hope Bible Camp and are currently in the process of raising financial support (currently at 37% of our needed budget) to serve full-time as missionaries with InFaith and Mt. Hope Bible Camp.  If you or your church would be interested in having us or a representative of the camp come speak to your church or to register for an event, please contact us at 740.259.0198 or via email at   

To learn more about the camp and its ministries, please visit our website  

Brett Wilson is the Camp Director at Mt. Hope Bible Camp in Otway, OH.  He and his wife, Sara serve the southern Ohio area as missionaries with InFaith.

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