Top Posts of 2013

As we begin the new year, here’s a look back at some of our most popular posts of 2013:

By far, the most viewed post of the year was “Jonathan Edwards: A Missional Theologian” by David Dunham. This is quite impressive since it was just posted about three weeks ago! This was largely due to a little help we received from The Gospel Coalition and Credo Magazine websites, both of which linked the article on their home page.

Surprisingly, the second most viewed post of 2013 was also posted in December and was just posted last week! On Friday’s, we have been posting features of local pastors or ministries. Last week, we featured Rick Evans, pastor of Stockdale Baptist Church, in Stockdale, Ohio.

The third most viewed post was an important piece entitled “The Value of Small Group Diversity” and was written by Wes Molebash, the conversations pastor at Centerpoint Church in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Rounding out the rest of the top ten most viewed posts of 2013 are:

4. Counseling Sexual Addiction by David Dunham

5. A feature of Mt. Hope Bible Camp.

6. Show Me the Promise: A Covenantal Promise Against Infant Baptism by Daniel Johnson

7. The Fatherhood of God by David Dunham

8. Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend

9. Relational Evangelism in the Local Church by Chris VanBuskirk

10. Baptism by Immersion by Jason Boothe

Honorable Mention:

On Wednesday, we posted “Extinguishing the Strange Fire: A Checklist for Corporate Worship” by Jason Boothe. It hasn’t cracked the top ten of 2013 yet, but it’s getting pretty close!

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