Speaker Spotlight: Brian Sponseller

With the 2015 Family Conference just around the corner, we wanted to spend some time helping you get to know our speakers for this year’s conference by asking them to answer a few questions for us. Here’s the fifth of a series of posts we will be running over the next two weeks leading up to the conference on April 18.

photo 2Brian Sponseller – Waverly Campus of Heritage Nazarene Church, Waverly, Ohio

Breakout Session –Making Corporate Worship Practical

Brian Sponseller serves as the campus pastor of Heritage Nazarene Church in Waverly, Ohio. He has previously served as a co-pastor at Family of Faith Community Church from 2008-2010. He is currently serving as a board for the Sebring Interdenominational Holiness Camp Meeting and has served a trustee from 2014-present. He has 16 years of experience counseling teens at Sebring Camp and also has also served as a part of ForeRunner Ministries from 2001-Present. Brian has a Bachelors in Religion from Ohio Christian University and Master of Divinty (MDiv) from Wesley Biblical Seminary. Brian has also worked as a substituteteacher in Pickaway County from 2008-2012 and as a 5th/6th grade teacher at New Beginnings Christian School from 2012-2014.

What do you feel is the most pressing issue for the Christian family today?

A combination of busy-ness and a disconnect in regard to truly seeing the persons of the Trinity as Real Persons. We fill our lives with a lot of stuff, activities, and distractions. Even within the Body of Christ these distractions can consume a great deal of our attention. At the same time it seems a lot of this distraction is made easier when we serve an invisible God. The problem is, though, that His autograph is all around us. His movement in our midst is readily observable if we understand how He moves. It is difficult enough in our culture to treat the people around us as persons. The fact that we do not get to cast our eyes on a physical deity puts before us a challenge to our perceptions. All the more reason for us to accept the Trinity’s Persons as Persons with whom we may communicate in very real and meaningful ways.

Why do you feel this kind of conference is important for our region?

There seems to be a sweeping need for this kind of conference for America culturally. It may look a little different from place to place or region to region. The truth, though, is even in areas where the traditional family dynamic may remain largely intact, it is good practice to talk about how to live out the image of God within the family dynamic. Even when things are going well we still need to grow and learn. For our region specifically this is important, because there is a widespread loss of the traditional family dynamic. I believe that if we can encourage families, regardless of their make-up, and help them find a meaningful expression of faith within the home it can only help our communities and facilitate a fundamental change in the culture around us.

Which conference session (other than your own) are you most excited about?

I am excited about Preparing the Family for Cultural Engagement. We tend to live life as it is. There is not a whole lot of purpose behind how we engage our culture. I very much look forward to what information come from that session.

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