The Bi-Vocational Pastor: Social Media

I realize that this is a topic that has had no small amount of attention from the blogosphere. Social media is so commonplace in the world today that it only makes sense that it attracts some attention. It’s a great tool for communication, whether it be for communicating with family and friends or promoting a … Continue reading

The Bi-Vocational Pastor: Learning to Let Go

As I was jotting down notes and points to make in this blog post, I came to the conclusion that even if no one else finds this series of posts to be helpful, it has at the very least been extremely beneficial for me. I say this because writing about the bi-vocational pastor has forced me to step back … Continue reading

The Bi-Vocational Pastor: Time Management

When I was studying in the education program at Shawnee State University, one of the things I remember being told on several occasions was that there is no type of field experience or classroom simulation that would truly prepare me for the day that I would enter the classroom. I recall being told on several … Continue reading

The Joy of Bi-Vocational Ministry

Not long ago, I was speaking with a deacon in our church and he asked me, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could afford to pay you to be a full-time pastor?” While any pastor would tell you that the pastorate is full-time gig regardless of whether you receive compensation from the church, I knew … Continue reading