Southern Ohio Pastors Conference: October 15, 2016

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled. Thank you for your continued support of the Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition.

SOPC Workshop: Small Town Ministry

SOPC Workshop: Small Town Ministry – July 16, 2016

A Missionary’s Testimony

I heard recently that as a missionary, at least one local pastor was interested in hearing my testimony. Here it goes: To give the testimony I feel I need to give right now requires some jumping around, but I think it will make sense in the end. This will tell you the latest in my … Continue reading

Struggles in Ministry

I was struggling with what I could contribute to a blog for Christian ministers (mostly), when I realized that perhaps my struggles in ministry and how I deal is what I can share. My hope is that as I share my struggles, everyone will be encouraged to keep moving forward. I see myself as the … Continue reading

Jonathan Edwards: A Missional Theologian by David Dunham

I try not to put much stock in buzzwords. They often become part of my vocabulary, but I try always to remember their limits. In recent years “missional” has become one of those buzzwords I use. The word has a dozen different meanings, but it frequently finds a place in discussions about Christian social justice. … Continue reading