Best Books of 2015

There are far too many books published every year for a single person to read them all, and those involved in pastoral ministry have limited time. So, here at SOPC we thought to give you some recommendations from our area pastors on the best books from this year to check out. This may help to narrow your … Continue reading

Review: Gospel-Conversations

I often tell my students that the best Biblical Counselors are those who have received good Biblical counseling. Dr. Robert Kellemen believes the same thing. “We learn to become competent biblical counselors by giving and receiving biblical counseling in the context of real and raw Christian community” (17). In Gospel Conversations, he applies this premise to the discipline … Continue reading

Review: Luther on the Christian Life

Trueman, Carl. Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom. Wheaton: Crossway, 2015. 224. $17.99. Martin Luther, the great German reformer, has become something of a caricature of modern Evangelical interests. What most of us know of Luther represents this idea more closely than it does the actual man of history. Carl Trueman knows this and … Continue reading

Review: Fool’s Talk by Os Guinness

Os Guinness wants to take the task of apologetics back from the angry and the academic. For far too long the discipline has been associated solely with winning debates and internecine arguments about methodology. But “we are all apologists,” says Guinness. As such we need to learn the rhetorical skills necessary to do our task … Continue reading

Review: Understanding Gender Dysphoria

Yarhouse, Mark A. Understanding Gender Dysphoria. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2015. 191 pp. $16.35. Gender dysphoria is unstable and unfamiliar ground for the church. As more and more people navigate their way through feelings of gender incongruence the church must seek to understand it and navigate it with them. We must do so from within a … Continue reading